It Really Help You to Get Orders online, as it is very easy to use

Access all category from single page

  • Filter product by category
  • Show subcategory within the parent category
  • The subcategory can be closed or open to reduce product on display
  • Load category through ajax, without refreshing the page

Unlimited Sidedish group and side dish with price

  • Easily create unlimited side dish group
  • Eash side dish group can have an unlimited side dish in it
  • Each side dish can have its own price
  • Each sidedish group has maximum side dishes selection option

Show food item images

Since it is a menu, showing product image makes it long, so sometimes you may want to hide the image and sometimes show the image.

So we have given the option to show the image or hide it as you like.

You can see the screenshot comparison, how a menu with image takes more space as compaired to menu without image

Dont have image for all Product, Image Hierarchy is here to help !

We know that you may not have the image for all the food items that you are offering, so we created the image hierarchy feature. This is how it works, it shows the product image, if you don't have that it will show the category image if you don't have that as well, then it will show the fallback image of the website

The fallback image is set once from the Woocommerce and it can be the logo of your website,

See the comparison in the screenshot, if you don't have this feature enabled it will directly show the fallback image

Food Type (Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian)

Apart from the category, every food can be either Veg and Non-Veg so we have given this option to all product in Woocommerce product option, you can set it or leave it, it's up to you

If you mark it veg, or non-veg respective icon will show along with the product, if you leave it bank no icon will be shown

Hide Empty Category

If you don't like the menu page made by us, you can overwrite it in your theme, by default this is disabled so u will need to enable this from the setting page

Overwrite Menu design in Your theme

If you want to show empty category it will be shown, but by default they are shown

Default Category

You can set any top level category as default category for the menu page, this will be the category shown to the customer when they first come on the menu page

SEO features

Since complete products will be shown on a single page, there is no need of many pages that are added by Woo-commerce like shop, single product page, category page. so we redirect them all to your Menu page.

Multi Language Support

This plugin support, multiple languages other than English, it also supports RTL reading format.
Languages supported are:

  • Russian
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chines

Apart from this we can also translate this plugin to other language, based on customer request

Support and Update

When you buy pro version you get support for one year, and all the updates for one year.