Access all category from single page

When you will install this plugin, it will convert the Woocommerce cart page into a Menu page.

It will display all the top level categories on top of the page which can be clicked to access different types of food items.

top category

The above image is a screenshot from the demo page, this is top-level categories inside the demo site.

Apart from this, there are child categories within this category those categories are shown in product display part like a tab (by using that you can close and open product in that category), see the screenshot below

child category

When a category has clicked the content of the new product will load by ajax, without a page refresh, it shows a message to the user that new product is loading

If you want to hide certain categories from the menu page you can do that as well, there is an option that allows you to hide categories, infect you can hide all the category selection option and just load the default category